Life Preparatory Academy


                                                         Specialized Clubs for High School Credit





❖       Curricular Clubs meeting during the designated “club” time during the school day:


              ➢    Chess Club (0.50 credit): Chess Club gives students an opportunity to play friendly games of stress against their peers, in a fun and learning environment.  Students of all levels are welcome to come, as help is given to those who need it.  Chess Club also offers chess quizzes, chess puzzles and problems, and students also participate in local tournaments.

              ➢    Cooking Club (0.75 credit): Taught by our local, amateur master chef, Mr. Rotola, this club will meet twice each week during the regular school day and once each month for an extended session in the dormitory. Students will learn the basics of cooking and baking focusing on desserts and main courses. They will learn about meals from different cultures, countries, and the basics of food safety.

              ➢    Teenview Magazine: TeenView Magazine is a magazine for teens, by teens, from a teen’s point of view facilitated by Mr. Marquis Murphy, the founder and president of the Youth Educational Empowerment Program.  Through ongoing training and workshops, TeenView Magazine teaches participants useful skills that can cultivate academic and career achievements. Every completed issue, participants gain confidence in their abilities.

             ➢     Choir (0.50 credit): Students learn how to read music, match pitch, basic vocal warm-up skills, sight-sing, and will perform at home football games, school musical programs, and various other performances throughout the year. Staples include The Star Spangled Banner, spirituals, and other music from the American choral tradition.

             ➢     Yearbook (0.50 credit): Students learn the basics of desktop publishing by creating, editing, and assembling the Life Prep Yearbook for the current school year. This book forms the chronicle for the life of the school and its students for the year.


❖       Extracurricular Clubs meeting at the dormitory or off-campus:


            ➢       Investing Club (0.25 credit): Students will use real and play money, choose businesses based on merit to invest. In the process, they will learn the ins and outs of the stock market, bond market, and mutual funds.

            ➢       Piano & other musical instrument lessons: Private and group lessons will be offered for credit at the expense of the student. Students will be expected to practice on a daily basis.



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