Top 5 Things About Life Prep Academy

Top 5 Things About Life Prep Academy

Life Prep Academy is a Private Christian School which is located in Wichita, Kansas.

Life Prep has a student body of roughly 400 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. This school is affiliated with World of Life Church and often works with the school to provide Christian values to the students.

Life Prep organizes and participates in numerous events throughout the year from football and volleyball to hallelujah night and the annual musical.

Here are the best 5 things about Life Prep Academy according to me:

1. The Diversity

A large part of the school is international students. In the school, there are kids from every livable continent and provide the school with a very diverse student count.

This gives an experience that can not be found in any other school in America where all the students are exposed to different ways of looking at life and how people from other countries see the world.

2. School Events

Life Prep organizes a lot of events throughout the year, all of which anyone can join. One event of much importance hallelujah night which is a yearly event organized on Halloween to provide a safe environment in which the public can get candy and have fun.

Another very significant function during the year is the musical which will be in its fourth year this year and involves the whole school.

3. School Spirit

Each and every student and teacher at Life Prep embodies the Fire spirit and it makes the environment an amazing place.

The Fire spirit is about respect for one another, respect for the school and most importantly respect for yourself.

Everyone at the school understands that not everyone excels in the same areas and so we all help each other in any and all situations.

4. The Faculty

All the teachers and other staff at Life Prep Academy will teat every student as there own. They support and will aid the students through anything whether it be academic help like math and English or with life in general.

The faculty takes their time to prepare each and every student for life and for higher education like college or university. Some of the teachers at Life Prep are even employed by local universities to provide students with college credits in high school making for an easier transition to college.

5. Education

Last but not least Life Prep Academy is an accredited high school in which you have many different ways to learn depending on your needs.

The school has Ap/Dual enrollment classes where the teachers work with colleges to provide high schoolers with college credits for an affordable price.

On the other end of the spectrum, they also have a great support staff to help with anyone struggling with their academics, these can consist of students or other teachers but no matter what you will always have help at Life Preparatory Academy.