Student Life at Life Prep Academy in Wichita, Kansas

Student Life

Student Life at Life Prep Academy in Wichita

Explore the various student life activities that Life Prep students are engaging in this year!
Student Life is what makes Life Prep so special for our students.

Development: Mind, Body, & Spirit

The Best Private Christian School in Wichita, Kansas

Your child is a unique creation of God

At Life Prep Academy we believe that your child is a unique creation of God. As a private Christian school, we emphasis Godly morals and conservative values.

Parents of Life Prep students know that the school they send their children to is assisting them, not fighting against them, in the training of the most precious commodity of all – our children and our future.

For the Lord gives wisdom, from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding.
Proverbs 2:6

The Best Private Christian School in Wichita, Kansas

Preparing Your Student Academically for Life

Parents and students love our four-day school week. Monday through Thursday is reserved for normal class operation, including lectures, tests, and class participation.

Fridays are reserved as a teacher in-service day where students can come in for one-on-one tutoring with their teachers, catch up on assignments, or excel with extra-credit work.

The Best Private Christian School in Wichita, Kansas

A Strong Body Is An Alert Body

Life Prep has many opportunities for organized sports.

We strive for excellence and compete with some of the top teams in our region. Life Prep has seen many of our athletes receive full scholarships to D1, D2, NAIA and CC. colleges. Our alumni boast of many successful athletic careers.

If your student is looking for a private school that cares about and assists students in their athletic future than Life Prep is for you.

Dorm Life

The Best Private Christian School in Wichita, Kansas

Our Top-Notch Facilities and Residents

Life Prep has over 20 different countries represented by the students who are currently being housed in our amazingly beautiful dormitories.

Rich and Keena Davis are the Dorm Directors for Life Prep Academy. We are blessed that the Life Prep Dorm Directors feel fortunate to be able to work with not only an array of different ages of students, but from all different cultures and countries. From picking new and returning students at the airport, to making them feel comfortable in their room – Rich and Keena are the best!

The Life Prep Dormitory facility has four different living houses (two for boys and two for girls) as well as one main/gathering house. The main house consists of a pool table, ping pong table, a large flat screen and a top of the line industrial kitchen that serves nutritious and delicious meals for students and staff.

One of the highlights of Dorm life is seeing people from different cultures and different ways of life interacting and trying things they may not have in their home country. It is also fun to watch students improve their English-speaking skills and their knowledge about the different things America has to offer.

Our International Students compete each year, along with our Domestic students, in our annual Presidential Debate. It is interesting to observe how quickly they learn our customs and can articulate social and fiscal government policies and ideals. Oftentimes one of our International Students gets elected “President of the United States” by their peers.

The Best Private Christian School in Wichita, Kansas

International Student Testimonials

The Dorm Directors welcomed me as soon as I got to the dorms, and they tried me make me feel comfortable with the new place. I could tell that they considered me as a part of the dorm family, not just another student. They helped me through not only in the dorms but also the school stuff. They are great RAs, and I’d rather say that they are just like my other set of parents now here.

— Jiwon Jun-2019 Life Prep Graduate-South Korea

Coming to Life Prep Academy was just amazing! From the first moment, I felt at home. Like I was loved and that people cared about me. When you are in a foreign country sometimes it’s hard to get used to a completely new life but the Dorm Directors made it really easy for me because I have the same family environment that I had back home. They also introduced me to a completely different culture that I was not that familiar to and it was just really easy to change the way that I did things and that I behaved in my country and all of that was due to them.

— Esther Llanos Llorca, Grade 12, Alicante, Spain

As an international student from Macedonia, I had the opportunity to spend a year with the Dorm Directors. When I first came to Life Prep Dormitories, they welcomed me kindly and made my year special. It was year spent in joy and I am so glad that I happened to be one of the international students. We had a lot of fun but most important peace and safety. They cared for us like we are their own children, which made me feel like I am home. What I realized is that they want me to succeed. Including school, they did everything they could to help me to have good grades. I am very thankful to the Dorm Directors for giving the best of them to make the best of me.

— Radica Nojkova -2018 Life Prep Graduate-Macedonia

The Dorm Directors helped me and the other student’s feel welcome into the dorms and the American culture since the first couple weeks I was here. First of all, the Dorm Director has children and so they understand how us teenagers can think sometimes and tries to adapt to us. The Dorm Directors are always there for the good stuff and bad stuff and make sure you are having a good time. They make sure we have the best food at the dorms, also they make special meals for different holidays to makes us feel more into the American culture. They will always be available for any emergencies and they also always looking out for us. All that effort they put in helps all of the students feel welcomed at Life Prep Academy and the American culture.

— Ricard Ballonga Perez, Grade 12, Spain

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