Student Ministries of Life Prep Academy - Private Christian School in Wichita, Kansas

Student Ministries


In order to pursue Jesus, love people, and transform the world, we provide:

Daily prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
Daily Bible classes (K-5)

Weekly Bible classes (6-8)

Various Bible electives (9-12)

Chapel –twice weekly (K-12)

Curriculum centered on a Biblical Worldview (K-12)

Community service and outreach (6-12)

Mission trip opportunities (9-12)

Pastor Jesse Fillenworth

He has been a Youth and Young Adult Pastor at Word of Life Church for over 10 +years.

In 2015 He started Legacy Honduras, a Christian Humanitarian organization. Over the life of the ministry they have helped build over 20 Family Homes, provided numerous families with sustainable food, access to clean water, and income through Chicken coops, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to over 1000 Local people.

He is passionate about helping the people locally and abroad and has dedicated his life to doing so.

R3fuge Ministries

R3fuge – Student Ministries Every Wednesday Night at 6:30

Spiritual life Focus at Life Prep Academy
Non denominational

Chapel and bible/worldview classes

Weekly bible classes peer groups
Weekly chapel with student lead worship
Focused on Christ Centered Education
Offering Specialized Biblical Worldview Class
Mission Trip through Legacy Honduras